The purpose of this online course is to provide an overview of a neurologist's approach to common problems seen in the primary care office. The course will discuss recommendations on management by general practitioners (primary care physicians), based on current guidelines and evidence-based medicine. We will use an active learning approach through live interactive sessions, assignments, and discussions. Faculty includes experts from the US, UK, Australia, and globally, including Pakistan local experts, including Neurology and Family medicine. This program will complement basic training and short courses offered in Pakistan for general practitioners to bridge the gap of specialty care, especially in underserved areas.

This rotation is part of the larger 1-year program “APPNA MERIT FAMILY PRACTICE SPECIALTY ROTATIONS” and is focusing on Neurology. 


At the end of this enduring material, participants should be better able to:

  1. Explain a basic approach to neurological history taking and screening neurological examination in a Primary Care setting. 
  2. Provide a review of basic approach to localization of the lesion in Neurology in context of basic neuroanatomy. 
  3. Review approach to evaluation, treatment and red flags for common presentations of the neurological disorders in Primary care settings including headache, dizziness, tremor, and epilepsy.


This enduring material is intended for a broad audience including general physicians, primary care providers, specialty physicians, physicians in training (residents and fellows), and medical students. 

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • 5 Min Neuro Exam Scoring Sheet

    • UNMC Phase 1 H&P Template

    • 100 slides in Neuroanatomy

    • Sample_Consult_Note

  • 3

    Module 1- Neurological History and Examination

    • Module 1 - Objectives

    • Module 1 Faculty

    • Presentation: Neurological History

    • Presentation: Neurological Exam

    • Live Session: History Taking and Neuro Exam

    • Exit Ticket Module 1 (required)

    • Quiz 1

    • Quiz 2

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Optional Reading-Taking a Neurologic History

    • 5 Minute Neuro Examination

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 4

    Module 2- Localization in Neurology

  • 5

    Module 3- Approach to Headaches

  • 6

    Module 4 - The Dizzy Patient

    • Module 4 - Objectives

    • Module 4 Faculty

    • Presentation: The dizzy patient

    • Live Session: The dizzy patient

    • Clinical Case Discussion Module 4

    • Exit Ticket Module 4 (required)

    • Quiz Module 4

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Optional Reading: AAN Podcast: Evaluation of Dizzy patient

    • Optional Reading: Sports Concussions

    • Optional Reading: Epley_Maneuver

    • Optional Reading: Modified_Epley_Left

    • Optional Reading: Modified_Epley_right

    • Optional Reading: Dizziness Diagnostic Evaluation

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 7

    Module 5 - NeuroDegenerative Disorders

    • Module 5 - Objectives

    • Module 5 Faculty

    • Live Session: Neurodegenerative disorders for PCP

    • Lecture: Additional Comments_Neurodegenerative disorders for PCP

    • Clinical Case Discussion Module 5

    • Exit Ticket Module 5 (required)

    • Quiz Module 5

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Optional Reading: Mild Cognitive Impairment

    • Optional Reading: Rapidly Progressive Dementia

    • Optional Reading: MovementDisorders

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 8

    Module 6 - Stroke Recognition and Prevention

    • Module 6 - Objectives

    • Module 6 Faculty

    • Presentation: Stroke Recognition and Prevention

    • Clinical Case Discussion Module 6

    • Live Session: Stroke Recognition and prevention

    • Exit Ticket Module 6 (required)

    • Quiz Module 6

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Optional Reading: AAN Podcast: Stroke Basics 1

    • Optional Reading: AAN Podcast: Stroke Basics 2

    • Optional Reading: Transient Ischemic Attack

    • Optional Reading: Diagnosis of Acute Stroke

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 9

    Module 7 - Epilepsy through Clinical Cases

    • Module 7 - Objectives

    • Module 7 Faculty

    • Presentation: Epilepsy Through Clinical Cases

    • Clinical Case Discussion Module 7

    • Live Session: Epilepsy through Clinical Cases

    • Exit Ticket Module 7 (required)

    • Quiz Module 7

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Optional Reading: AAN Podcast: Epilepsy and EEG

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 10

    Module 8 - Neuro Spine

    • Module 8 - Objectives

    • Module 8 Faculty

    • Presentation: Acute Spine

    • Clinical Case Discussion Module 8

    • Live Session: NeuroSpine

    • Exit Ticket Module 8 (required)

    • Required Reading - Discussion

    • Quiz Module 8

    • Optional Reading - Mechanical Low Back Pain

    • Optional Reading - Recognizing Spinal Cord Emergencies

    • One Minute Paper - required assignment

  • 11

    Course Completion

    • Survey

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Course Director

Danish Bhatti MD FAAN

Dr Danish Bhatti is a Movement Disorders Neurologists Associate Professor at University of Central Florida and teaches physicians internationally. Dr Bhatti directs an online mini-fellowship in Movement Disorders since 2017 with over 80 Neurologists trained from over 13 countries. Dr Bhatti directs annual training camps and workshops in Movement Disorders regionally, nationally and internationally including use of botulinum toxin and Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. Dr Bhatti has a strong interest in online and blended learning and has designed and directed hybrid workshops on neurological examination and botulinum toxin injections including workshops at American Academy of Neurology annual meetings. He has been recognized with A.B. Baker Teacher Recognition Award by American Academy of Neurology, International Best Teacher Award from Pakistan Society of Neurology and Impact in Education for Innovative practices award, a campus-wide award at University of Nebraska

Course lead

Dr. Tariq Jawaid Alam

MD, FAAN Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology, St Louis University School of Medicine Stroke Medical Director and Attending Neurologist, Mercy Hospital Jefferson, Missouri, USA

Course Co-lead

Dr. Hina Jawaid

MBBS(Pak), MRCS(UK), MSc(UK), MRCGP(UK) Assistant Professor in Family Medicine University of Health Sciences Lahore